jugz is started in 1997.
The performance activity is done as Hisakazu Konishi ,Kaori and friends band now.
Substitute musical instruments, the performance progresses the live performance of jugz, and the song and the sound of jugz come to an understanding and exquisiteness...
Then, an original, musical outlook on the world of irradiated jugz is sad and is pleasant. It is powerful though is escape power. It might be scenery to be able to sympathize.
Hisakazu Konishi acts with knot+over, jug jug foot foot, joh-yado besides jugz.

Your sound being surprised very much is far many or more, and I of me
am more unique than many of japanese music to which it listens under
the soil recently.
I was expecting the kind of a psychedelic difficult rock.
However, your music is better and is much.
I am made to reach in some measure of Canterbury scenes in 70's and to
recall Syd Barrett in addition, and it is very warm in a fanciful, unique method.
Your music gives me hope again.
( Bryan Day/Public Eyesore Records)

Avant-garde rock scene in Gifu? jugz that leads Konishi senior that keeps being pulled to wring neck with floss silk.
The sound world with depth that is reminiscent of about Red Krayola, Holy Modal Rounders, Fugs, and Godz after it revives.
Song that permeates like Yoshiharu Tsuge cartoon.

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